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Abraj El-Bait (Makkah Royal Clock Tower)

  • December 4, 2022

Client Background:

Abraj Al-Bait Towers is a complex in front of Al Masjid Al Haram in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The building holds several world records, including the tallest hotel in the world, accommodating the tallest clock tower, the world’s largest building floor area, and will become the second tallest building in word. The complex consists of several well-known Hotel chains, among which the two Hotels where HotelMagix has been deployed: are Fairmont and Raffles. Total capacity for 75,000 residents and over eight hundred retail outlets.


Today’s business travelers and tourists want to be able to access their favorite news channels or the latest news. Abraj Al Bait Hotel was faced with the problem of how to meet rising customer expectations by supplying each room with its own entertainment and video package. Reliability of service and quality of transmission were crucial requirements. They need to meet their customers’ expectations with State-of-the-art technology and convergence to enable communication between video, voice, and data for facilities and tenants.

The challenge was how to achieve these goals quickly and efficiently while maintaining tight control of costs.


The project is considered one of the most strategic projects for IPMagix, as the company was able to stand out among fierce competition from various international companies. It started in 2010, with Movenpick and Retaj, and was later followed by Fairmont and Raffles. During the third quarter of 2011, IPMagiX will also roll out into the fifth hotel – the Swiss Hotel, making it one of the hugest ventures that IPMagiX has ever indulged. Abraj Al-Bait impresses its guests with its in-room luxurious services that facilitate their stay, making it a memorable one during their hajj and Umrah. HotelMagiX is an impeccable solution for every Hotel which aims to provide guests with an extraordinary experience during their hotel stay. The solution delivers the optimal experience that improves guest loyalty, attracts new customers, and creates an atmosphere of service and convenience that sets the hotel apart from the competition.

HotelMagix is based on a flexible IP platform where guests can use TV Cisco IP Phones, and Smart Phones to set their own wakeup calls, Do Not Disturb (DND), reminders, and facility reservations. In addition, guests may be reminded of prayer times through the Salat service. Hotel management may measure guest satisfaction levels through an automated, easy-to-browse satisfaction survey.


  • To Guest – Compelling Guest Experience.
  • To Operators– increased guest loyalty.
  • Wide content choice.
  • Continuity and reliability of service.