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IPMagiX Launches MagiXMuseum Mobile Application for The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

  • August 4, 2022

IPMagiX’s completed a new POC with Egypt’s leading museum to test out and demonstrate the features of its museum tech cloud platform MagiXMuseum.

The new cloud platform uses a state of the art technology that will help the museum diversify and increase its revenue stream through virtual and physical tours and features. In addition to reducing the cost of operation, MagiXMuseum will help increase the traffic on cultural tourism and, accordingly, provide more opportunities for tour guides, reflecting positively on the economy.

MagiXMuseum can be optimized for hybrid, virtual and physical tours, with features guaranteed to make tourists’ visits memorable and enjoyable. The platform has two approaches “Physical Tour” and “Live Tour”. Physical Tour has features that include indoor navigation, museum maps, and location-based notifications. MagiXTour (Live Tour) features remote live tours, captioning for hearing aid support. Tourists can book private or public through the app. The platform can easily integrate with any ticketing system.

The platform also provides museum management with a complete dashboard through a web interface that helps them better engage with visitors and create reports using Microsoft PowerBI to analyze the traffic on the museum.