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Bridging the gap between employees and technology, smart companies focus now on remodelling their internal operation systems to introduce up-to-date, more efficient solutions to their offices. Since boosting productivity is key to swinging gates of success wide open, companies adopt latest methods to ensure that their work flows as smoothly as possible.

MagiX Office is specifically designed to function as an optimal, integrated office solution. It not only creates a stimulating work environment but also brings to your office a set of features developed to facilitate the means of internal communication. Whether you own a small, medium-sized business, or a large enterprise, your choice to drive growth will be set into direct action through integrating MagiX Office into your work structure. Hyper Directory, Personal Directory, Caller ID, TextCast, VoiceCast, IPMail, IPSMS, IPCalendar, Phone Lock, Change PIN, Meeting Room Reservation, Currency Converter, Live News and Weather Updates, and Prayer Info are all unified into one solution to offer you a fully-controlled and highly-productive company.

5 Key Aspects for Greater Office Productivity

With a mere click of a button and the smart functionality of Hyper Directory, you can immediately access information about users; their departments, and even their physical location in your corporation.

To eliminate problems that tend to hold the workflow back, you need to consider promoting strong performance by guaranteeing quality communication in your workplace. MagiXCast offers you facilitated intercommunication through sending vocal and text messages to either a single employee or an entire department.

For maximized productivity, every single detail should be organized and ready for your employee to set it into immediate action. Instead of giving an opportunity for your memory to fail, make use of smart solutions by integrating an employee’s workplace with Windows. Single Sign On changes the phone lock status and the dial plan according to the employee’s events.

Having crystal clarity of business financial recourses and being able to smartly track your company’s expenditures are both key to professionally growing your business. Be in control of your expenditures with MagiXBill: it not only generates complete and comprehensive reports, but also collects CDRs’ billing information for every call involving any IP Phone connected to the network.

Whether you are present in your office or at any other location, you will still respond! All that you need to use is “MagiXVMail” smart feature to allow the caller to leave a message in the voice mail, and send them an email with a red flash notification on the IP Phone.

If you are looking forward to unleash your employees’ creativity, boost productivity, manage your data, and receive wide-ranging reports on your office’s status; opt for MagiXOffice and convert your company from a traditional working space to a smartly-built, bursting-with-energy office.

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