ConnectedMagiX is a cloud platform that enables you to gather more and better information on your customers’ preferences, analyze the information and translate your findings into revenue. With its location-awareness capability (Connected Mobile Experiences), the platform is designed to help you bring your customers’ location and identity together to create a new and effective channel of communication. This group of solutions is designed for the Hospitality, Museums, Education, and Retail Industries. ConnectedMagiX enables any venue visitors to stay connected all the time, by providing relevant mobile content while gaining meaningful analytics. It helps to create personalized mobile experiences for mobile end users and gain operational efficiency with location-based services. Using the Wi-Fi infrastructure to exploit the location awareness capabilities and communicating the right message, to the right person, at the right location.
ConnectedMagiX can support various platform like MagiX Edu,MagiX Event,MagiX Museum,MagiX Portal,MagiX Mall & Retail & MagiX Concierge.
Main Industries:


Event Management


Mall and Retail